Media Analytics

Akamai Media Analytics is an extensive analytics solution that provides actionable and relevant metrics to help businesses understand their entire media workflow from ingest to device that might impact the experience in four complementary modules.

  • Quality of Service Monitor is a real-time monitoring tool that provides insight into online video viewing experiences.
  • Viewer Diagnostics is a tracking solution that shows media consumption and historical playback video quality at the individual viewer level for each play.
  • Audience Analytics is a behavioral analysis module providing statistics that describe how your audience consumes and engages with your online video content.
  • Download Analytics a customizable solution designed to provide software companies with meaningful insight into the performance of their online downloads.

Collectively, these tools provide access to deep, contextual, and customizable measurements in the language and context of your business. Using these modules, businesses can set thresholds and uncover key sensitivities to focus on elements like performance quality or usage behavior affecting success of online video experience for both live and on-demand digital media, as well as download engagement and completion rates.


Gain resiliency and performance through global distribution, across more than 32 regions, by placing content closer to end-users


Improve viewer engagement as the network dynamically selects the highest performing region from which to serve content and rapidly delivers it to the viewer


Replicate content easily when a geographical location needs higher performance without the need to re-upload content


Reduce budgeting complexity through a simple, “storage-used” pricing model – no complex calculations based on reads, writes, and bandwidth


Simplify media workflows with complementary storage for cloud-based video on-demand transcoding services


Streamline storage capacity planning and support rapid on-demand storage needs for services such as DVR for live streaming


Integrate into customer environments with flexible content management, support for standard transfer protocols such as FTP and SCP, as well as NetStorage HTTP API, or take advantage of premium accelerated file transport using Aspera’s patented FASP™ technology.